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About Creative Deeds

What are Creative Deeds?

Creative Deeds (TM) are micro-campaigns (deeds) that people can build organize to fundraise for art-based projects around the world.

How do I set up a campaign?

The first step is to chose one of our charity partners and projects, then decide on your Creative Deed and you are ready to go!

Who can start a creative deed?

Anyone can submit a Creative Deed campaign. 

What if I am not an artist?

You don’t have to be, Creative Deeds can be as simple as hosting a dinner party or a movie night with your friends. You can decide what deed you feel most comfortable with.

Where does the money go?

100% of the money will be transferred to our charitable partners. Each year Artbound will reach out to qualified charities. This is our first year so we have started with 5 amazing organizations. Our partners are experts, with years of proven progress. We pick projects where the arts can make a big impact and where strong local partnerships can execute a vision . As we expand, so will our charity partners.

What if my favourite charity is not one of your partners?

Please let us know! ArtBound and Creative Deeds is continuously evolving and expanding. If you have suggestions on how we can grow, please let us know!

Can I get a tax receipt for my Creative Deed?

No, we comply with the Canadian Revenue Agency guidelines on charitable giving. Only straight donations to our charitable partners are eligible for a tax receipt.

What if I do not reach my goal? Do my donors get a refund?

You can always extend your campaign to reach your goal. If you decide to close your campaign before you reach your goal, we still will transfer all the money you have raised to your charity of choice.  Charitable donations are not refundable.

Can I create multiple campaigns at the same time?

Sure! If you have more than one idea for a campaign you can have multiple ongoing Deeds.

How do I determine the length of a campaign?

Campaigns can be as long or as short as you want. Be realistic. Length should match fundraising goals.

Where in the world are Artbound projects?

Creative Deeds projects are generally in places that need them the most. Currently we are funding projects in:

  • Afghanistan
  • Haiti
  • Nicaragua
  • Canada – Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax. Fort McMurry,
  • Cape Dorset, Nunavut

What happens when I complete my Creative Deed?

When your Creative Deed is complete we will send you virtual air high-fives and  make a toast in your honour. We will also transfer 100% of the money you raised to your selected charity.  You will receive a report from ArtBound detailing the impact of your amazing hard work. We are passionate about connecting you to the charities and the projects you have helped fund.

What if I can’t pick a charity?

If you can’t decide on a charity (we know, it’s tough to choose) you can raise money for ArtBound.  Once your campaign is complete, we will transfer 100% of your fundraising efforts to the charities that need it the most.

If I don’t want to start a Creative Deed Campaign, can I make a general donation to ArtBound?

Yes! and Thank You.


General donations to ArtBound can be sent to Suite 900, 119 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2L1 c/o Triangles Agency
Please make cheque out to ArtBound, do not send cash.

About ArtBound

What is ArtBound?

ArtBound is a volunteer run arts based organization that empowers the world’s less privileged to realize their full potential by building like minded communities centred on the arts.

Who are you?

ArtBound is a dedicated group of professionals. We are 100% volunteer driven and do not receive compensation for our work.  

Why Art?

At ArtBound we believe that art has the power to change the world. Art strengthens communities, promotes social inclusion and is an opportunity to develop new sources of income which in turn breaks the cycle of poverty.

What projects has ArtBound previously funded?

In 2011 Artbound built the Kisaruni Arts school in Kenya. The school has blossomed by providing arts programs, classes and activities to the students.
ArtBound built a community arts centre in Rajasthan, India providing academic and arts education, clean water, sanitation, healthcare and alternative income.

How can I get involved?

If you are an artist, volunteer of have another skill you wish to bring to the table, email and let’s chat!